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Marketing Translations

Emerging markets changing how the world does business Source of low-cost increasingly skilled labor The growing number of large companies in emerging markets Find out more

Manuals & User Guides

The target readers of product technical documents are: end user administrator service provider maintenance technician. Find out more

Legal Translation

3 Dollar has experience translating a wide range of law-related documents, we’re an ideal source for companies that are looking for translating legal documents. Find out more
Translation Services
Effortlessly translate your desired text. With a global network of over 100 translators, we'll consistently translate your text, delivering your content on time and at project cost.
Translating words, conveying concepts
Whether you're a global enterprise or a small business owner, our international team of translation experts will rapidly translate your text while ensuring the highest level of language accuracy and translation consistency.
Desktop publishing
Craft translated templates and layouts for your business! Our professional designers will help you put your brand’s best foot forward by leveraging the latest software to create expertly designed print materials that help set your brand apart.
Ensure your content has its i’s dotted and its t’s crossed. Our expert language editors will double check your translation for the highest level of accuracy and consistency.
Capture more value from your audio and video files - meetings, presentations, customer service recordings, and more.
We're able to scale our translation services to extremely high volumes. Using APIs and CMS connectors, we accommodate multiple language requests and meet tight project deadlines.